Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee of the City of Trussville is a committee composed of local citizens and businessmen appointed by the Mayor, and by virtue of their positions the Mayor, Public Safety Council Liaison, and the Police and Fire Chiefs. The committee is charged with reviewing concerns from citizens and department heads and making recommendations to the council regarding those concerns. Those issues would include but are not limited to recommending ordinances relating to public safety issues, reviewing parade permit requests, review requests from citizens for speed limit changes, stop sign placement or other public safety concerns.

If you have an issue you wish to bring before the committee please contact Chief Sivley by email or calling (205) 661 4000.

The committee meetings are open to the public and are scheduled to meet once a quarter. The meeting are held on the third Thursday of the middle month of the quarter at 7:00 p.m. in the Trussville Police Department Training Building located at 127 Main Street. Meeting dates are listed below. Special meeting may be called to review issues, which due to their nature require attention prior to the next scheduled meeting.

The committee consists of the following members:

Mr. John Griscom – Chairman
Mayor Gene Melton – Mayor City of Trussville
Councilman Brian Plant – Public Safety Liaison to City Council
Chief Russell Ledbetter – Fire Chief
Chief Don Sivley – Police Chief
Mr. Jim Isom
Dr. Sarah Nafziger
Chief Irving Nash – Retired Trussville Police Chief

2014 Public Safety Committee Meeting Dates

  • February 20
  • May 15
  • August 21
  • November 20