The purpose of the Patrol Division is to provide continuous, effective and efficient 24 hour Police Patrol Service to the community.

At the Trussville Police Department, it is our belief that the importance of Patrol to a community cannot be overstated. Whether it be gauged with the number of Police Patrol personnel, the portion of the City’s budget allocated to Patrol operations, or that the uniformed Officer is generally the most visible component of the Department, Patrol is the foundation of police work. The manner in which Patrol Officers carry out their responsibilities affects not only the quality of justice, but also citizen perceptions of law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible part of the department. The Patrol Division, commanded by Lt. Eric Rush, is responsible for first response to calls for service, preliminary investigation, reporting of incidents and offenses, proactive patrol, traffic enforcement, and accident investigation. The Patrol Division Officers respond to all calls for service ranging from emergencies to citizen assists.

The Patrol Division is comprised of four Sergeants, and twenty-four Police Officers. These uniformed officers work four twelve-hour shifts, providing general law enforcement services for the City of Trussville.

The Patrol Division has among its ranks personnel specially trained in various areas including Evidence Technicians, Traffic Homicide Investigators, Field Training Officers, and Special Response Team Personnel.


Lt. Eric Rush – 205-661-4062
Sgt. Jason Grant – 205 661 4061
Sgt. Doug Miller – 205 661 4060
Sgt. Dennis Reid – 205-661-4009
Sgt. Clint Riner – 205-661-4011