Lt. JJ MorrisĀ is the Range Master for the Trussville Police Department and is responsible for overseeing the department’s firearms qualification to maintain compliance with all state and federal laws in addition to advance in-service training.

Firearms Range:
The Trussville Police Department Firearms Range facility was recently established providing Alabama Police Officer Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) annual qualification as mandated by state law to our department along with assisting outside agencies in their qualification process. Additionally we conduct tactical firearms training based on reality scenarios and events which we or other departments are likely to deal with, which includes low light/night fire training, vehicle stops, building searches, etc. It is our belief all officers should be properly training in all aspects of firearms training and weapons decision making process. We train with a full spectrum of weapons to include but not limited to; pistols, shotguns, patrol rifles, and sub machine guns. We are currently offering the benefit of our Firearms Training Division to outside agencies to help raise the level of proficiency for other interested agencies.