The Trussville Police Departments Training Division is dedicated to providing up to-date reality training to all members of our department. We make every effort to gear our training towards situational based training and scenarios. We continually attempt to stay at the fore front of state of the art techniques and tried and proven training which can provide our officers with the tools necessary to accomplish his/her job with a high degree of success and professionalism while serving and protecting the public.  Additionally we are currently providing portions of our training to outside agencies in an attempt to create a more harmonious relationship between departments while providing the benefit of our knowledge to help other agencies stay up to date.  Below you will find links to those classes.  Sgt. Phil Dillon is in charge of the Training Division and reports to Captain Jeff Bridges.


Taser Class   March 5, 2015   0900-1300  Trussville Training Center

This course covers the uses and concepts associated with the use of the Taser X26 Conducted Electrical Weapon. Students are taught through not only the use of classroom instruction, but also through hands-on practical scenarios and the discharge of live TASER cartridges which will certify users in carrying the X26. This course will be good for 4 C.E.U.’s and each student should bring their duty belt/holster. There will not be any firearms or live ammunition allowed in class.  12 Slots available for this free class.  You will also receive a free training t-shirt for attending the class.



SSGT Vanguard Level 1:  Handgun/ Long Gun Retention and Disarming

April 9, 2015        0900-1300        Trussville Training Center

 This class is intended for all Law Enforcement personnel.  This class will cover various techniques for an officer to use if faced with an offender trying to take his or her duty weapon.  We will also cover techniques to use for an officer to disarm and armed offender.  Officers should wear comfortable clothing and bring their duty gear.  This class is good for 4 CEUs.  You will also receive a free training t-shirt for attending the class. Sgt. Richard Lovell is the instructor for this class.


Evidence Recognition and Preservation for First Responders

April 28 or 30, 2015        0900-1300        Trussville Training Center

This class is designed to show First Responders what to look for at a crime scene that might be important as evidence. Once this evidence is identified, the First Responder will then learn how to preserve the evidence and what evidence is most likely to be something that can be recovered. After the evidence is recovered, packaging of this evidence will be discussed. Hands on exercises will be offered, but not required. There is no cost for this class.  The class will be held on April 28 and April 30 from 0900 until 1300 at the Trussville Training Center, located at 129 Main St. Trussville, Al 35173. 4 CEUs are available for the class.  The instructor for the class will be Sgt. Ken Findley. Classes are limited to 20 officers per class.



 SSGT Vanguard Level 2:  Strategic Striking

Thursday June 4th, 2015 from 0900 until 1300 at the Trussville Police Department’s Training Center

This class is intended for all current law enforcement officers.  This class will teach officers how to properly utilize strikes and counterstrikes for the purpose of self-defense and subject control.  Please wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.  This class is good for four CEU credits. 





Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted

July 30, 2015  0900 until 1700   Trussville Civic Center

    LEOKA features interviews with police survivors of violent encounters and interviews with their offender/and offenders who killed officers.  The commentary summarizes the perceptual distortions that officers may experience in the line of duty, precipitating a violent encounter.  When encounters between officers and suspected or known offenders turn violent and the balance of power shifts in favor of the offender, the interaction has gone terribly wrong.  The conference examines the self awareness critical to survival, IE, no complacency and adherence to policy.  The conference offers a “description” of characteristics of officer victims.  The conference concludes with how to change one’s mindset, so that we are always on our guard.”   Conference facilitated by retired LT. Brian McAllister, 28 year veteran of Washington Metro PD, and currently with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Center, in Clarksburg, WV. 



Law Enforcement Instructor School                                  (Old Instructor Development Course)

August 24-28, 2015   0800-1700   Trussville Training Center

This course is geared towards new instructors and will teach one how to construct a detailed, logical lesson plan; different instructional strategies;  and provide daily speaking opportunities  to increase the comfort level of the new instructor. 


FBI Color of Law/Federal Civil Rights and 21st Century Policing Program

 Thursday, August 27, 2015 – 8 CEU hours

Trussville, AL Civic Center – 5381 Trussville Clay Road, Trussville, AL 35173


Registration: 8am-8:30am

Class starts at 8:30AM

To Register:  Email Season Allen-Gardiner,

please include your name, rank, department and email address.


        This DOJ/FBI program includes participants from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, Civil Rights Division, and Community Relations Service in an informative and interactive presentation.  The program is oriented toward a law enforcement audience (specifically Sergeants and up working in management positions within a department, but all law enforcement are welcome to attend) and emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing civil rights issues.  The training also addresses the value of investing in and improving community trust and preventing of divisive flash-point incidents from occurring in your community.  







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