The Trussville Police Departments Training Division is dedicated to providing up to-date reality training to all members of our department. We make every effort to gear our training towards situational based training and scenarios. We continually attempt to stay at the fore front of state of the art techniques and tried and proven training which can provide our officers with the tools necessary to accomplish his/her job with a high degree of success and professionalism while serving and protecting the public.  Additionally we are currently providing portions of our training to outside agencies in an attempt to create a more harmonious relationship between departments while providing the benefit of our knowledge to help other agencies stay up to date.  Below you will find links to those classes.  Sgt. Phil Dillon is in charge of the Training Division and reports to Captain Jeff Bridges.


Identity Theft Workshop

SSGT Level 2: Strategic Baton


Below 100-April 8

Below 100-April 29


SSGT-Common Threat Defenses-May 13 and 15

United States Secret Service Critical Protective Analysis Group Briefing-May 14


Instructor Development Class


Green Dot Card Training


SSGT-Escaping and Defending

Class Application